Understanding your company- 2 Feb 2015


Understanding your Company

Global Viewpoint

Disruptive technologies and business Trends.
You are expected to read the article below and discuss on the disruptive trends/technologies that you think can affect a global strategy.


This will be a Case Discussion on the Nike World Shoe Project. Please read both parts (A+B) of the case study. Please do come prepared to discuss the following questions in the seminar.

  1. Identify the differences in business plans for developed versus emerging markets and explore the challenges that can face a company attempting to tap emerging markets with a focus on the bottom of the pyramid
  2. What should Tom Hartge recommend to senior management regarding the World Shoe?
  3. Investigate the sustainability issues surrounding market entry into the bottom of the pyramid
  4. Is there a need for a new business model when exploring emerging markets in developing countries?
  5. Should Nike use existing factories to manufacture the World Shoe? What are the incentives for existing manufacturers to produce this shoe?
  6. Should Nike develop dedicated facilities that are local and scalable?

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