The Global Economy – 9 Feb 2015

The Global Economy Challenges, Risk and Opportunities. I have traced the current economic situation in 2015 with a linkage to new market entry.

Some interesting videos on this perspective can be found on the curation below.

Global Viewpoint Lets us discuss the role of sweat shops in global business. Some questions that we can look at during in this session are

      • Who makes your phone?
      • What are your viewpoints on sweatshops in going global?

 Some interesting twists  to this comtemporary issue is debated by Professor Ben Powell  in the video below. In addition, you can see a video on the conditions in  company making iPads.

Now , let us have a look at the mobile phone Industry and the role of these sweatshops in producing the products we love

  1. What is the human cost of an iPad?
  2. What is the correlation to Globalization?
  3. What are reasons some people give in defence of sweatshops?

Additional information

You can read more about sweatshops in other industries here.

Department stores and sweat shops


The Bangladesh factory tragedy and the moralists of sweatshop economics




All groups are expected to have completed GMMSO4 module 1. You will have completed the analysis of your company  and identified a possible entry strategy based on the organization’s internal capabilities.

The tutor will provide feedback on the selected firm’s position and  global readiness.


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