Search for markets- 16 Feb 2015

This lecture was on searching for markets for your chosen products. Students will have completed their company situation analysis last week, identified key capabilities and identified a suitable product for internationalisation. The presentation slide for the lecture can be accd

Lecture 5-Search for Markets -update16Feb15

Some interesting videos on the topic are also curated here.

Country insight

The business environment in IRAN  was debated by Dr Omid Omidvar during this guest lecture. A twitter feed of key issues from the guest lecture can be seen here.


This will be a PC workshop on the search for Global Markets using the 2nd module of the GMMSO4 software. Now that you have analysed your company’s readiness to internationalise, the next task  is to identify the country with the highest market potential for your company, using a country attractiveness screening process consisting of three stages, and determine the most effective entry mode strategy for the targeted country as shown below:

1. Macro Level Criteria
2. Micro Level Criteria
3. Accessibility Criteria
4. Market Entry Strategy Criteria

 The criteria selected should assists the company to identify the country that offers the most business opportunity for your company based on:

1. Need/desire for the product.
2. Market size and growth.
3. Ability to purchase the product.
4. Ability to enter the market.


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