Creating Global Companies – 26 January 2015

This lecture discuss how you can create Global  Companies.

The lecture is  followed by a  Global Viewpoint discussion upon the revival of Jaguar landrover (JLR)

Global Viewpoint- JLR

Please read the case ‘ Prowling for Success: The Revival of Jaguar Land Rover’ by Suresh George .

You can read this from International Business, The new Realities, Global Edition, 3/E. Ed. by Tamer Cavusgil, S., Knight, G., and Riesenberger, J.R. Harlow, Essex: Pearson. A copy of the case study is attached here

The discussions will centre around the following questions. Please do come prepared!

  1. Describe how Jaguar Land Rover leverages the advantages of its parent company in seeking new markets. Can this be a source of disadvantages as well?
  2. How do you think the shift of economic activity to emerging regions affects growth in advanced economies? Discuss if a reverse shift of activity is possible?
  3. What is the role of Government Business linkages in creating emerging market challengers? Do you think that emerging and transition economies can move to a more hands-off approach with time
  4. Discuss Jaguar Land Rover’s shift into other developing regions in Africa. What will be the implications of these on its sourcing and supply chain economies?

This will be a PC workshop on Understanding the firm’s Strategic Position and ability to internationalize. You are expected to have registered on the GMMSO4 software by now. We will use the software to better understand the company you have chosen in specific groups. An analysis of the company’s strategic position. In addition, you will make company contacts and begin to collect data pertaining to the company and its product(s)/service(s


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