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Hello there! I am suresh george and welcome to my open class.

This is an open teaching and learning aid for the M28BSS  International Business and global strategy course that I run at Coventry University.
At Coventry university,  I teach global strategy, international business and doing business in emerging markets. You can read more about my research here, follow me on twitter or read my blog
I have an interest in ‘opening up’ the teaching of global strategy using open educational resources.  My other open venture is the GLOBESTRATEGY system that curates educational resources to help you understand the world of global business

About the class

International business and global strategy known as (M28BSS in CUspeak) is a innovative  module  for postgraduate Business courses.We use online teaching software(s) and databases to create real life market entry projects for companies that are looking to expand globally. The M28BSS module organises learning around the creation of student projects that involve  problem-solving, decision making, and investigative activities.  It provides students with the opportunity to work relatively autonomously culminating in the production of reports that integrate managerial realism into the classroom.

Our unique methodology helps students to conduct a situation analysis of a company, to identify global market opportunities, identify high potential target countries for a selected product(s) or services.

Join us online by visiting this site regularly or join the conversation using the #m28bss and #globestrategy hashtags on twitter

A list of all upcoming lecture events can be seen here

Each week, we will examine topics in a lecture room in the JAGUAR building at Coventry university. See the map below for directions

During each of my lectures, if you would like to join us, use the #m28bss on twitter.  Chat with me - sureshgeorge
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